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Frequently featured in the press, ECEGA has appeared in a number of high-level industry events, forums, podcasts, global news and industry articles, providing commentary and actionable insight into critical trends at the nexus of geopolitics, energy and climate, shaping the energy transition debate and policy formation with independent expert futures analysis and unparalleled foresight and helping global energy leaders manage risks and identify opportunities for meaningful impact. 

Speaking Engagements

  • Due to the high volume of engagements we advise you to follow our social media pages or contact us directly for information on upcoming public interventions.
  • QUELLE SÉCURITÉ ÉNERGÉTIQUE POUR L’EUROPE ?, 8 February 2024 | Yana Popkostova delivered a lecture on Le développement des interconnexions électriques at a panel with Michel Derdevet (Confrontation Europe), Nicolas Mazzucchi (Centre des études stratégiques de la marine), Anne-Sophie Corbeau (Center on Global Energy Policy, Columbia University), Valérie Faudon (Société française de l’énergie nucléaire). [Recording]

  • Peace Research Institute Frankfurt Annual Conference, 'Dealing with autocracies in a Fragmented world', 12-13 October 2023 | Yana Popkostova delivered a lecture under the theme 'Dealing with autocracies in the MENA region in Climate and Energy Policies'.  Link
  • ENERGY TRANSITION DIALOGUES , 11 March, 2021: Pablo Izquierdo Lopez, Senior Manager – Energy Auditing and Consultancy, SMart4Power; Yana Popkostova, Founder and Managing Director, European Centre for Energy & Geopolitical Analysis and Omar Sadder, Key Account Manager, Yellow Door Energy discussion on the Live Weekly Energy Transition Dialogues to share their insights on current market dynamics. Recording available here.
  • World Energy Week 2020, 7 - 9 October, 2020 - Our founder Yana Popkostova contributed to the below events:                          Global plenary: Resilience and Leadership amid Disruption                                                     Regional perspectives: Investing in a new energy future forEurope                                                      World Energy Leader’s Summit: Emerging from a crisis stronger and faster together
  • GI MIDDLE EAST ENERGY "TRANSITION" DIALOGUES WEBINAR, 24 September, 2020: a conversation between European Centre for Energy and Geopolitical Analysis (ECEGA.EU)'s Yana Popkostova,  International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA)'s Rabia Ferroukhi,  Xergy Group's James McCallum and Gulf Intelligence's Michelle Meineke taking a deep dive at the recovery and transition prospects ahead for the MENA region. Recording available here.
  • 2nd Global LNG Forum, Milan, Italy,  19-20 February, 2020 -  ECEGA's Yana Popkostova will moderate the opening high-level panel Global LNG market climate: geopolitical risks, European gas security landscape and regulatory pressures.
  • Paris Peace Forum - Foreign Policy Peace Games, 
  • Paris, France,  12-13 November 2019 -  ECEGA's Yana Popkostova was invited by Foreign Policy as one of the leading minds in geopolitics of energy and international energy and climate affairs to "game" out how to bring seemingly intractable conflicts to a peaceful conclusion.  The event will gather 25 acclaimed experts and is held under the auspices of the Présidence de la République and Emmanuel Macron and with the generous support of the United Arab Emirates.

  • 24th World Energy Congress, Abu Dhabi, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, 9-12 September, 2019,  ECEGA's founder Yana Popkostova was a Keynote speaker at the high-level panel on Progressing the vision for regional    integration  and a 
  • Panelist at the roundtable Innovation Culture: The Power of Diversity
  • Energy Policy Group, 2nd International Summer School 
  • Smart Transformation in the Energy Sector, Bucharest, Romania, Thursday 25th July to Friday 2nd August 2019ECEGA's founder Yana Popkostova will deliver the keynote lecture The Energy Trilemma: the evolving geopolitical landscape and the energy security-equity-sustainability nexus. How to preserve global stability and balance the trilemma?

  • 6th International Conference Energy & Meteorology, Copenhagen, Denmark, Monday 24th to Thursday 27th June 2019 - ECEGA's founder Yana Popkostova delivered the closing plenary speech The changing geopolitics of energy: the energy-climate-security nexus and the Sustainable Development Agenda. Why meteorologists might help in preserving global stability? .
  • Start-up Energy Transition, Berlin, Germany, 9th April, 2019 - an initiative powered by the German Energy Agency [DENA] and the World Energy Council under the auspices of the Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue. European Centre for Energy and Geopolitical Analysis's founder Yana Popkostova  will be amongst the Expert Reviewers, providing professional feedback on contest submissions for the exclusive set of SET-100 innovators [Tickets available online].
  • Global Foresight Refresh Workshop, World Energy Council & Accenture Strategy  London, UK, Thursday 4th to Friday 5th April, 2019 - the workshop was a main milestone for refreshing the Council's global foresight by building global stories to 2040 and exploring different opportunities for disruptive innovations. The global foresight refresh 'slimline' report will be launched at the 24th World Energy Congress in Abu Dhabi. [The workshop was by invitation only. It gathered 30 participants - a mixture of energy and energy-related thought leaders, Council's community members and subject matter experts, including ECEGA's founder Yana Popkostova.]
  • World Energy Week, Milan, Italy, 8-11 October, 2018 -  Energy and diversity: Releasing all the talent to tackle energy challenges [Future Energy Leaders Summit, Panel Debate with Riku Huttunen, Director General, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, Finland, Kornelia Shilunga, Deputy Minister of Mines and Energy Namibian Government, Namibia, Yana Popkostova, Founder and Managing Director, European Centre for Energy and Geopolitical Analysis and Sue Stevenson, International Development Director, Barefoot College]
  • STG talk with Emma Sky, OBE, Florence, Italy, 12 January, 2018 - My career series [School of Translational Governance, Discussion with Emma Sky, OBE, Director of the Greenberg World Fellows Programme at Yale and former Governorate Coordinator of Kirkuk, Iraq for the Coalition Provisional Authority, Miguel Maduro, STG Director and Yana Popkostova, Policy Leaders Fellow and Founding Director of ECEGA.EU, 12th January, 2018]
  • Future Earth's Scoping Workshop for the Water-Energy-Food Nexus Knowledge-Action Network [French Ministry of Higher Education and Research, 19-20th June 2017]
  • Women's Entrepreneurship Day Inaugural Event [Celebrating and supporting women entrepreneurs, Yana Popkostova, keynote speech along the CEO of AXA France Jacques de Peretti, 18th November 2016]

Press and Reports

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  • Dec-21-DAKAR-Yana Popkostova, Panel- Impact du changement climatique en Afrique
  • ABU-DHABI-Yana Popkostova & Daniel Yergin
    ABU-DHABI-Yana Popkostova & Daniel Yergin
  • Panel: The Power of Diversity | Yana Popkostova
    Panel: The Power of Diversity | Yana Popkostova
  • Yana Popkostova, 24th World Energy Congress, UAE| PANEL: Progressing the vision for regional integra
  • ECEGA wil participate in three high-level panels at the flagship World Energy Congress in Abu Dhabi
  • OP-ED| Global energy markets will resist the US-Iran escalation. The global world order might not.
  • OP-ED| US-Saudi Arabia alliance: Cracks or overhaul of th
  • High-level panel: Regional Energy Integration
    High-level panel: Regional Energy Integration
  • ECEGA Oliver Wyman
  • Yana Popkostova GWNET
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