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Mission & Vision

The mission of ECEGA is to help policy-makers and business executives manage the risks and capitalize on the opportunities created by the changing energy and geopolitical landscape, and work for the best interests of future generations. We do this by provision of tailored, concise and pragmatic policy analysis and solutions grounded on rigorous research and source mining. 

The policy-relevant format of our analysis alongside the actionable information provision is a unique branding feature of the organisation and provides comparative advantage to those trying to navigate in a crowded information landscape. 

We pioneer an approach of fossil-fuel companies’ inclusion - ECEGA firmly believes that traditional energy companies are key stakeholder in the energy transition and strives to include them in the mainstream transition deliberations and facilitate their restructuring in view of changing business realities and carbon constraints. 

In carrying out our mission, we observe strict programmatic methodology and principles to ensure independence, objectivity and depth of the final product, and an absolute client confidentiality.

We envision ECEGA to become the leading forward intelligence provider and vector of sustainable change in Europe, for both policy institutions and industrial stakeholders operating in an uncertain geopolitical climate. We work to ensure that a better future is a certainty, not an aspiration.

Leadership Purpose

Our leadership purpose is what we are and what makes us distinctive in the noisy world of information overload and reporting. We strive to facilitate decision-making in the public and private domain by providing insight which is independent, rigorously researched using multidisciplinary methodology and delivered in a pragmatic and solutions-oriented manner. We examine energy policy and supply/demand dynamics taking into consideration policy, market and geopolitical trends, and prepare high-profile leaders to factor-in and anticipate risk and change. We focus on environmental risk valuation, business restructuring and multi-stakeholder inclusion for an effective energy transition. ECEGA is the first organisation of its kind to pay consistent attention to the need of gender mainstreaming in energy and geopolitical policy and business development. Our research and analysis calculate risk caused by gender inequality in decision-making and operations and communicate a gender mainstreaming rationale in all its activities. Conscious of the gender gap in the field, we pioneer an approach which integrates more women in the energy sphere - both in energy politics and analysis, and in logistics, engineering and science.

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