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Key Services

ECEGA has two main streams of operation: custom consulting and online subscriptions. We work with both public and institutional stakeholders, as well as with private companies and industry stakeholders. 

Our consulting service provides access to customized analysis and strategic policy, legal and business advice. The most advantageous model is built together with the client to ensure a maximum response to needs and goals. We provide tailored analysis, not a generic info to help clients anticipate challenges and prepare for them, but also manage the risks already affecting their operations. ECEGA is not a lobbying organisation, while able to provide advice for external liaison and influencing, and deliver presentations to in-house teams, we do not represent clients externally or before institutions or policy stakeholders. Client confidentiality is key for our practice and where desired, client anonymity is maintained throughout our process and engagement.

The online subscription is a monthly information newsletter with key insights and developments in the European geopolitical landscape which is accessible to all interested stakeholders. 

We catalyze leadership and public-private partnerships to ensure global mean temperature rise remains under 2°C above pre-industrial levels.

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Clients and Focus

Public Policy: ECEGA works for designing an effective approach to energy reform and institutional capacity building, thus we provide practical support to European leaders and their governments to accelerate the energy transition by helping them develop their national sustainable energy action plans, draft and implement environmental regulations, improve their energy strategy and market reform, and develop inventory capacities for greenhouse gas emissions in consideration of regional and geopolitical context, economic potential and climate commitments. This will empower public servants and political leaders to identify and respond to the challenges of the energy transition in a sustainable and cost-effective manner which considers the current and future geopolitical context. 

Industry: The energy transition of our societies cannot be successful if we do not ensure that fossil fuel giants and their engineering arms and subtractors understand, adapt and contribute pro-actively to the process. Inclusion, collaboration, and cross-sector creativity over scapegoating and antagonism is what ECEGA believe in and works for. Therefore, a key feature of our services is the strategic engagement with traditional energy companies to include them in the design and implementation of energy transition strategies and pathways for sustainable, cost-effective and lasting change; and to advice them on their internal restructuring in view of more carbon-constrained world. Recognising the urgency needed to save our planet and re-start a socio-economic model that is sustainable, yet economically efficient, ECEGA strives to help traditional industries develop their climate models and adaptation strategies; maintain a prosperous business growth model and competitive strategy; and re-establish their international credibility and relationship with governments, civic organisation and the planet. 

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