Analyse| Evaluate| Solve| Empower

ECEGA's Difference

  • Fresh perspectives to familiar and new issues and trends.
  • Unique fusion between a rigorous data analysis, and solution-oriented policy and business insight.
  • Unparalleled expertise on EU policy process and procedure.
  • Holistic understanding of the geopolitical context and the evolving energy demand/supply trends.
  • Absolute independence from political agenda.
  • Emphasis on cooperation and multi-stakeholder inclusion for an effective energy transition.
  • Expertise in environmental risk valuation and business restructuring in view of carbon constraints, changed business realities and urgent need of action.
  • Emphasis on gender mainstreaming in the energy, climate and foreign affairs policy and business decision-making and operations.
  • Innovative strategic planning and futures analysis.
  • Integrity, honesty and commitment to public service.
  • Delivery of tangible outcomes for clients and key stakeholders.
  • Purpose-driven, committed and ambitious team with positive and can-do attitude. 
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