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Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities

ECEGA is committed to the highest ethical standards in research and report developments, client relationship and confidentiality, employee development and gender equality. 

We follow strict internal procedures to ensure the quality, independence and objectivity of our product, as well as the transparent relationship with key stakeholders. 

ECEGA is independent from all political, industrial and financial groups and organisation, guaranteeing our absolute objectivity and the anonymity of our clients.

ECEGA is a purpose-driven company based on a culture of meritocracy. We provide professional development opportunities that reward intellectual capacity, talent and initiative. 

ECEGA is interested in ambitious, driven and inquisitive individuals who are passionate about politics and policy to join our ranks. We are looking particularly for people with experience in the energy sector, both industry and policy, but will consider applications by experienced professionals from other sectors, as well as, aspiring young graduates from leading academic institutions. A positive outlook, vibrant personality and sense of fun are bonus prerequisites. We strongly encourage applications by women. If you recognize yourself, do not wait but contact us today and shape your career.

Past Vacancies 2018:

  • Geopolitics of Energy Analyst (closed on January 31st).

Past Vacancies 2017: 

  • EU Affairs Assistant (closed on February 9th).
  • EU Policy Analyst (closed on September 9th).
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