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About Us

About Us

The European Centre for Energy and Geopolitical Analysis (ECEGA) is an independent energy and geopolitical intelligence organisation which explores the intersection of energy and politics in the European Union policy-making. 

The Centre was set up in 2015 to foster the development of rigorous policy analysis, forecasting, and strategic recommendations for European, national and sub-national policy and business decision-makers and practitioners with the aim to inform and support foreign, energy and security policy deliberation and formulation. By looking at energy trends through a geopolitical prism, we help high-profile leaders and interested stakeholders anticipate opportunities, better prepare for risks and adapt investment strategies to avoid loss.

Our work started with the premise that geopolitics has, does and will continue to influence the energy debate in Europe, not only in terms of fossil but increasingly renewable energies. The evolving energy mix will indispensably alter the geopolitical landscape and bring new political, economic and security risks, local, regional and trans-border institutions and shifts in technologies, research and development funds and energy subsidies. We pioneer a practical study of these trends and fill in the analytical gap on how the EU international politics is shaped by the energy dynamics related to supply and demand, what are the major challenges to European energy security and how the energy industry, traditional extractive giants and alternative energy developers can adapt and benefit from the inevitable transition. Our work informs policy-makers and business practitioners alike about the developing geopolitical context and proposes the most advantageous course of action to address challenges and operational risk.

ECEGA is a unique organisation both in terms of operations and services. The Centre represents an innovative fusion between an energy think-tank and a management consulting firm. While we indulge in rigorous data-mining and in-depth system analysis, we deliver insight and recommendations which are pragmatic, solution-oriented and actionable and avoid the burden of heavy and long reporting, complex hypothesizing and impracticality. We empower public servants and business leaders to cut through the complexity of information and design and implement policy reforms and business strategies equipped with an in-depth understanding of the priority challenges, geopolitical and finance risks and solutions at stake. Our product can be used immediately to effectively solve pressing challenges, timely prepare for anticipated shifts and skillfully employ advanced insight and identified opportunities to thrive a policy or business solutions which benefit the wider good.

Our goal is decision-making which is informed, robust and creative, decision-making which serves the public good of current and future generations in Europe and beyond, decision-making which advances a more secure and sustainable world. 

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