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Square the Geopolitical Circle


The energy transition demands strong public-private partnerships and commitment to a more sustainable future. 

With extensive and frontline experience across Governments, EU Institutions, Politicians, Private and Public Companies and Non-for-Profit Organisations ECEGA assists public and private institutions and businesses to design creative and powerful strategies for change and adjust to challenges and capitalise on evolving opportunities in a carbon-constrained world. 

We analyse, evaluate, solve and empower - contact us today for a strategic discussion on how to deliver tangible outcomes for you and your organisation. 

    • Public Policy and Sectoral Expertise: EU Regulatory Process and Procedure, Geopolitics, Energy Policy, Energy Transition, Oil&Gas, Shale, Bioenergy, Gender Mainstreaming
    • Forward Policy and Business Intelligence and Forecasting
    • Policy Development, Strategy and Compliance
    • Risk, Relationship and Reputation Management
    • Benchmarking, Stakeholder Mapping and Strategic Consulting
    • Crisis Management and Issue Response, Meaningful Community Engagement
    • EU Affairs, Government Relations and Liaison Training and Advice
    • Environmental Risk Valuation and Business Restructuring in a Carbon-Constrained World

Shape your future.